Move :          Arrows / WASD
Interact :       Alt / Z / J
Get a hint :     Ctrl / X / K

Something seems odd when you can't find your faithful friend Squee in the morning. The forest is ill and you'll need your squirrel friend's help to save the animal spirits.

Use your witchy powers to discover the true cause of this turmoil and save the forest from it's nightmare in a new retro adventure made with Chris Maltby's GameBoy Studio.

Play it straight here in the browser or, for those who fancy such things, download the rom from this page to play it on a Game Boy emulator of your choice!

A game by Kevin Trepanier
Small is Beautiful studio inc.

Made with Chris Maltby's GB Studio, Cosmigo ProMotion and Tiled

Story inspired by Naomi Novik's fantasy novel "Uprooted" 

Thanks for playing!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorSmall is Beautiful
TagsAnimals, Game Boy, Pixel Art, Retro, witch
Average sessionA few minutes


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Is the soundtrack available anywhere? I can't find it on YouTube or Spotify =(

I'll take that as a compliment but no. There is only two little songs I've made myself (I'm not a musician) after all. Otherwise there is a few walkthroughs you can watch on youtube.

I absolutely loved it! Little confused what I was supposed to do at the end bonus area, I gave love to all the squirrels but one ran away.. hints?

If you mean the credits section, there's nothing else to do! You reached the end! Glad you liked it. :)

Deep Forest Walkthrough

the bear part hit hard ;; cute game. i liked it alot.

What an absolutely beautiful game! It's just the perfect length, and I really enjoyed the exploration elements. I was delighted when I realized that you can water the single square of roots in front of a cave in order to discover a secret spring. This moment of discovery gave me a spark of excitement that reminded me of exploring Hyrule for the first time, but Deep Forest has its own unique style and flavor that I adore. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gem of a game!

Well that is very kind of you! Thanks a bunch

i really enjoyed this gameeee <3 ^.^

I'm glad you did! This makes me happy. 

Very cute game.

What a wonderful game! It gave me strong feels of being a kid playing Link's Awakening on Gameboy! Don't know why, but I loved the flowers sprouting up behind you at the end. They pop out with slightly different timing to each other. Lovely game all around! Now I'm off to find that book!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. 

Beatiful game. 

Such a lovely game, it left me with the widest smile, and I even got a little emotional at the end. It made me want to read the novel that inspired it, too. Great work. :)

Aww thanks! YOU are gonna make me feel emotional. Book is a great read, highly recommend unless you're really not into fantasy novels.

Your my inspritation

omi gah this is such a cute game i kinda wanna draw fanart for it ctyvubin aaaaaaaa


Thanks! Very glad you like it. :D

your welcome :D

I in joyed it


(1 edit) (+1)

Short and simple, but still delightful! Thank you for this little gem. I'd like to have more games with these characters, and a larger part for the lovely squirrel!

Thank you! That's kind.

wow, great job!!! I do gb studio tutorials on youtube.

I want to make something like this one day.

well to my .......abarasment im stuck lol  the turtle needs my help and i dont know how to help her? i tryed to cross the log and that other thing that it moves..doenst help


Get the log out of the way and push the turtle in the water, up north. Then you should be able to cross the river on the turtle's back.

tnx so much:)  just finished it super cute game ..i made a lp on my channel

Amazing game. Great puzzles. Cool story

Thank you so much!

This game is so cute. It's easy but not too much. Enough so you dont get frustrated but not enough that you get bored

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment!